Language and Learning

Facilitator: Mary Ann Seow

Thank you for nominating your interest in participating in this Special Interest Forum. This forum specifically looks at Language and Learning.

Competency in the language of learning is a key factor in international student academic success. There are challenges for the students in class and after graduation. Research reveals a significant relationship between language ability and engagement in learning. Poor English language proficiency is also a major barrier to employment outcomes despite labour shortages in many occupations.  In this forum, we will explore and discuss the issues and challenges for students and strategies on how best to support student learning.

This forum will explore two areas:

  • Language competency
  • Learning support

Discussion topics

  1. Managing appropriate English Language testing
  2. What are the challenges for students in their learning?
  3. Are we adequately preparing students for the language and learning environments?
  4. Sharing of innovative strategies

To assist our discussions, it would be appreciated if delegates could come to the session having read The National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 and consider any strategies that have been adopted in your education provider.

We will also adhere to Chatham House rules “a rule or principle according to which information disclosed during a meeting may be reported by those present, but the source of that information may not be explicitly or implicitly identified”


  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. Appointment of Note taker
  3. Confirmation of topics to be discussed
  4. Agreement on order of topics to be discussed
  5. Discussion
  6. Recommendations for future SIF/ISANA/ANZSSA (if any)


The Australian and New Zealand Student Services Association Inc. (ANZSSA) is a professional association for people with an interest in the role of support services in post secondary education.

For more information, please visit ANZSSA website by


ISANA International Education Association is the representative body for professionals in Australia and New Zealand who work in international student services, advocacy, teaching and policy development in international education.

For more information, please visit the ISANA website at

Conference Managers

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