Impact of peer-review assessments on student engagement in MCD2090 – macroeconomics

Dr Dinusha Dharmaratna1, Mrs Stephanie Joshua-Anandappa1, Mr John  Zamen1

1Monash College, Clayton, Australia

Peer-review assessments is the assessment of students’ work by other students of equal status. These assessment are powerful meta-cognitive tool. It engages students in the learning process and develops their capacity to reflect on and critically evaluate their own learning and skill development. Students are used to getting feedback on assessments from the teachers but not from their peers. In these assessments they reflect on their own efforts and extend and enrich this reflection by exchanging feedback on their own and their peers’ work. At Monash College, in the unit MCD 2090 Macroeconomic students are required to engage in two peer-review assessments tasks during the trimester. Even though these peer-review assessments do not have a greater weighting on their final grade, just accounting only 2 percent of the overall final grade. We have observed that the students are engaging in these task by submitting their own work and assessing and commenting on answers of their other two peers. For assessing the peer task, the students are provided with the grading rubric to follow, however, this grade value is used solely as an indicator of the students’ understanding of the assessment criteria, as well as an exemplar of what graded work looks like. These peer-review activities have improved the student engagement with the unit content and they continue their discussions on these activities even after the activities have ended. Overall, the task of peer review, makes the student learn the real life skill of providing a colleague appraisal and critique in day to day or business life.


Dinusha Dharmaratna has been in academia for more than 10 years and she has extensive experience in both teaching and researching. She is working as the unit leader for one of the Economics units and actively engage in many teaching and learning research projects.


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