Education gamification in action – a change for future

Mr John Zamen1, Dr Dinusha Dharmaratna1, Mrs Stephanie Joshua-Anandappa1

1Monash College, Clayton, Australia

Academics are keen to encourage students to engage consistently with coursework throughout the trimester, rather than cram prior to exams. Educators and academicians are constantly required to modify the learning methodology to give students the opportunity to succeed. Prior academic research indicates that flexible student engagement arrangements, such as online tests, and gamification of the tutorial questions are key drivers for improved unit performance. At Monash College in MCD 2090 – Macroeconomics tutorials the concept of gamification is implemented where students seek awards that correlate with their learning of economic principles. This encouraged all different learning styles through a fun atmosphere, different from a traditional economics class that can be intimidating to our students. Quitch is a quiz application which has game elements to increases student engagement. By interacting with students during the tutorials through Quitch has helped students to stay engaged and retain more information from their classes. Also these interactions fed directly into the learning analytics package that provides a measure of both engagement and knowledge retention. Students are able to recall basic economics concepts through various games played in class through Quitch. They successfully reflected on the learning and demonstrated an awareness of core economics issues of every week. By gamifying Economics class will provide stimulating incentives for learning as well as promote teamwork, healthy and competitive spirit and creating a culture of enjoy learning. Gamification can be associated with higher and more frequent student engagement in Economics courses, which enable deeper and continuous study behaviour for students


John Zamen has been in the academia for over 15 years. He is one of the senior lecturers at Monash College. He has been the unit leader fro various Economics units. John is currently involved in researching the implications of gamification.


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