Meta-cognition skills built through collaborative exercises in the introduction of marketing

Mrs Stephanie Joshua-Anandappa1, Dr Dinusha Dharmaratna1, Mr John Zamen1

1Monash College, Clayton, Australia

Collaborative learning activities have shown to positively motivate students to become independent and active learners. Students have also demonstrated an increase in self-confidence and learning when they build metacognitive learning skills. As part of the Part 1, Introduction to Marketing (MCD 1090) subject at Monash College Diploma program collaborative learning activities to build metacognition has been integrated into the subject. One such activity known as the Weekly Summaries, where students reflect on the week’s topic and write down their own understanding of the lesson. This reflective task is non-assessed and no marks are provided for student’s participation. However the rate of response to this weekly task is over 70% on a weekly basis. Students actively take part in this activity as it provides them an opportunity to stop and review what they have learnt and equally important what areas they have not understood. Tutors do provide short feedback on each weekly summary to encourage students as they participate in this self-learning exercise. Google drive is the platform used to run these weekly activities. This platform provides students to review their peers work as well as receive immediate feedback from the tutors as they proceed with the task. Reviewing from a trimester’s results, students perform well in their weekly tests, when they have actively participated in this weekly summary task. This ongoing activity among the peers has contributed to build a cooperative class as well as collaborative learning.


Stephanie Joshua-Anandappa has been an academic in the education sector for over 10 years and also runs a SME in the export sector. Stephanie currently is the Unit Leader & Moderator for the Introduction to Marketing subject at Monash College, which is also delivered in Jakarta, Indonesia. Stephanie’s currently involved in researching Collaborative learning and the impact to Active Learning.


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