Summer Internship Program: Providing a holistic learning opportunity for equity students

Ms Jessica Luquin1, Ms Jessie Lui1, Ms Rita Kusevskis- Hayes1, Mr Jeffrey Meesterman1, Dr Colin Clark1

1University Of New South Wales, Sydney, Kensington , Australia

The Summer Internship Program is a support initiative for equity students at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. The program provides equity students the opportunity to be involved in a unique holistic learning experience. Students were paid to complete a two-week intensive program alongside staff in the Student Life and Learning Equity Team. Students connected in a professional workplace context with their peers and the staff community to gain valuable job-ready skills, develop resources and conduct research. The internship program fosters graduate attributes and complements a student’s university degree. The program was developed as a result of a review of new and opportune ways of directly supporting equity students.

The Summer Internship program was specifically targeted at students who fall under the equity umbrella. The Early Intervention team at UNSW engaged in this project by defining Equity and an analysis of ‘domestic low SES’ as mentioned in the strategic priorities of the Australian federal government. The equity definition included domestic students in enabling and pathway programs, students with disabilities and those from disadvantaged schools. Postgraduate and undergraduate students from a range of faculties participated in this internship program.

Five initiatives formed the internship program 1. Developing Resources for Self-Advocacy and Disability Disclosure, 2. Content Marketing for Co-Curricular Experiences, 3. The Re-Engage Community Partnership Project, 4. Student Welcome Initiative and 5. Student Marketing and Communication Research


Ms. Jessica Luquin is a qualified social worker with experience working with students from disadvantaged backgrounds and in data analysis. She has experience with running targeted interventions, retention and attrition of students from enabling pathway  programs. She has worked with the Student Life and Learning online tool NavigateMe since 2014 and more recently the Internship Program for Equity Students in 2016. Jessica ran a welcome initiative for Equity students in 2017 utilising online technology.


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