Pathways to professional development through a scholar-practitioner model

Beth Isensee1, Nasreen  Mohamed

1University Of Minnesota, International Student & Scholar Services, Minneapolis, United States

As student mobility and collaborations continues to increase across the globe, there has been an increase in need for development of practitioners and scholars within the field of international education. Creating pathways to professional development and research are critical to the sustainability and advancement of our field.

This session will begin with a discussion of the core competencies needed by both practitioners and scholars in order to effectively achieve the goals and values of International Education. We will look at various formal and informal pathways to this professional development. The presenters will share trends within the United States and share the University of Minnesota model.

We will share and reflect on the assertions made in the article “Supporting Scholar-Practitioners in Higher Education” (Streitwieser, B. & Ogden, A, 2016). In this article, they explore current trends for bringing the two lenses of scholar and practitioner together.  By creating an integrated role we can create a strong bridge from theory and practice.  Scholar-practitioners can effectively develop and advance research through the identification of best practices, gaps, challenges, and future opportunities.  While this combined scholarship is critical to enhancing the internationalization of our campuses it often comes with institutional barriers. Streitwieser and Ogen (2016) challenge us to “re-evaluate and re-imagine the systems and structures that limit the potential of scholar-practitioners in higher education.”


Beth Isensee serves as Assistant Director of Student Engagement and Intercultural Initiatives at the  International Student & Scholar Services in the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance at the University  of Minnesota. Her primary focus is valuing and integrating international students as critical aspect to  the University’s internationalizing the campus and curriculum effort. She collaborates university-wide  to identify the student voice through evaluations and assessment for the development of unit specific  strategic planning. Beth has worked within the field of International Education for 17 years and has a  M.A. in Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology.


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