Bring it in-house! An under 18 guardianship case study

Ms Molly Bonnefin1, Mr Patrick Ashe1

1Monash College, Monash University, Clayton, Australia

In this presentation you will hear our insights into the increasing complexities of managing underage international students through the use of a third party provider and how we resolved our issues.  We will share the challenges we encountered in bringing the service in-house and provide practical advice on how we attained our goal of creating a student-centred program to help international students successfully transition to independently living and studying in Australia.  We will touch on the importance of parental involvement, working with accommodation providers to develop best practice support and pastoral care and maintaining strong relationships with our education partners and agents.   Our case study includes critical incident management, compliance with the National Code and the practicalities of ensuring guardians are all on the same page in providing a consistent and comprehensive service across five metropolitan locations. We will also share the techniques we use to help our underage students transition to independent living once they turn 18, by utilising the support networks available both in-house and externally. This presentation will interest institutions with underage students, their accommodation providers, student welfare, student engagement and student services staff who are looking for practical tips and recommendations or want to learn from our experiences in developing an in-house under 18 guardianship model and support service.


Molly has been providing support to international students at Monash College since 2001.  Her special interests are in the fields of under age students, homestay accommodation and helping international students to integrate into living in Australia.  She currently manages the College’s Careers Service as well as strategically planning new projects for the Student Services team.  Her previous roles include 13 years of administrative and student recruitment experience at Chisholm Institute. From 2009 to 2014 Molly chaired the ISANA Special Interest Group in Pre-Tertiary Students and Accommodation and since 2016 has been ISANA National Treasurer.


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