Increasing international student success through engagement in employability skills

Miss Liz Journeaux1, Miss Emma Hart1

1Studygroup – Taylors College 

Repeated feedback from both employers and graduates indicates a lack of “job ready” skills in the labour market amongst our graduate populations.

Using your initiative, leadership, communication and time management are often seen as “soft skills”. However, under the adage of “soft skills pay bills” it would seem timely to prepare students for life after graduation.

Introducing students to the idea of employability skills early in their academic career can create conflict with pressures of academic achievement however. Creating relevance and appropriate learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom is an achievable challenge for institutions offering a holistic, enriched approach to international education.

Addressing skill gaps by engaging students in the wider community through volunteer opportunities is beneficial to both students and the local community. Volunteering promotes a sense of worth and belonging for our students and provides a wealth of services to the local community. Workplace projects, event volunteering, opportunities for paid work and ongoing volunteer opportunities bridge the gap between our communities and our international student body.

Educators must prepare students early to face the challenges of a competitive global recruitment market. This requires innovation and embracing a widening approach to our traditional view of academia.


Liz Journeaux has worked in the International Education sector for over 10 years. She has held a variety of roles in the admissions, marketing and counselling areas of this sector. She is currently overseeing the new StudyGroup initiative of Employability Skills at the StudyGroup Taylors College Perth Campus.


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