Using data to meet the needs of students: USQ’s innovative approach to CRM management across Student Services

Ms Tessa Mccredie1

1University Of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia

In the search for one customer relationship management (CRM) system across Student Services, the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) has expanded their use of CareerHub as the single point of data collection, collation and analysis across Health Services, Disability Services, Welfare Services, Counselling and Career Development Services.

Rebranded USQ AcceSS: Your gateway to Student Services, USQ has pushed the functionality of CareerHub, utilising online appointment bookings, student profile and workflows to better understand the student as they travel through Student Services. Student profiles (dashboards) have been built to enable fluid tracking of student’s data, information and interactions throughout their use of the service. Dashboards enable sharing of data and information to students at the discretion of the service.

While many Australian universities use CareerHub, USQ’s service wide usage enables a broader understanding of the holistic journey of the student and their interactions with Student Services as a whole. The central point of cross service data collection enables a rich analysis of descriptive, exploratory, predictive data to inform student need, student usage and service delivery into the future.

It is important that students are receiving quality services to best enable the successful management of transitions into, through and out of university. In order to provide quality services Student Services need to have a complete understanding of the needs of their client base, how they are accessing services and evaluative tools to assess services delivered. USQ AcceSS provides a complete CRM system used to meet the increasing demands of delivering Student Services in a data driven environment to measure impact and provide outcomes-based service delivery.


Tessa is currently the Manager, Career Development at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) and plays a key role in supporting the Career Development team to move towards embracing new technologies in delivering career services to USQ students. In 2016 and 2017, Tessa has worked with a small team to expand career team CRM systems to the broader Student Services operations to develop data collection and analysis methods. Tessa has extensive experience working with a diverse range of students in a variety of settings to support their learning journey and has a strong interest in collaborative approaches in moving Student Services into the future.


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