A global perspective on wellbeing for student success. Reflections on two professional learning opportunities in China

Dr Nadia Lovett1

1Counsellor at University Senior College, The University of Adelaide

This presentation discusses wellbeing in relation to student success. It highlights perspectives from Chinese university students and educators from all over the world. The main findings of two professional learning opportunities are discussed in this report. The first was a month’s visit to the Southwest University, Chongqing, China. Undergraduate students about to embark on a two year university experience in Australia shared their current understandings of adolescent mental health in China and their hopes for student support structures in Australia. The International Conference on Happiness and Positive Mental Health in Beijing provided the second learning opportunity.  At this conference educators from a range of countries discussed their research and experiences about student wellbeing. The reoccurring themes of the conference were the importance of teaching strengths and resilience skills as well as encouraging students to live simply.

This interactive session will focus on global initiatives in the area of learner wellbeing from both student and teacher perspectives.


Qualifications: Doctorate in Counselling: University of South Australia, 2009. Master of Social Science (Educational Counselling): University of South Australia, 2000. Graduate Diploma in Reading and Language Education: South Australian College of the Arts and Education, 1984. Diploma in Teaching: Adelaide College of the Arts and Education, 1979 (Majors Aboriginal Studies and Italian).

Nadia has been school counsellor at University Senior College, (The University of Adelaide) since 2005. She has more than thirty years’ experience in education as a: teacher, school counsellor and university lecturer.  Nadia’s Doctorate in Counselling from the University of South Australia explored the help-seeking behaviours of adolescent girls using digital storytelling as a data gathering tool. She is an active member of PESA SA Chapter (Positive Education Schools Association) and is often invited to speak at Positive Psychology and Education conferences both nationally and internationally.


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