International student sexual health network: Advocating for the sexual health and wellbeing of international students

Dr Georgia Babatsikos1, Ms Alison Coelho2

1Lecturer, School of Health and Social Development, Faculty of Health, Deakin University, Burwood, VIC; 2Centre For Culture, Ethnicity And Health, Richmond, Australia

The sexual health and wellbeing of international students in Australia has been identified as a high priority problem by a number of Australian researchers. Research shows that international students arrive in Australia with lower levels of reproductive and sexual health information than their domestic counterparts, and once they get here, there are a lack of preventative programs targeting students and a lack of access to reproductive health services.

The International Students Sexual Health Network was founded at the beginning of 2015 to bring together professionals around Australia to address the urgent need to conduct more research focused on the sexual health needs of international students in Australia, to develop health promotion programs and health services for international students, and to advocate at the policy level for improvements which will benefit international students in terms of equity and access to health services.

This session will discuss the history of the network, the activities of the network, and the recent evaluation of the network.


Alison Coelho is the Acting Co-Executive Manager of the Centre for Culture Ethnicity and Health (CEH).She is the founding member and Chair of the new Australian Multicultural BBV/STI Alliance (AMBA) and the Co-chair of AFAO’s African Reference Group. She is also a coordinator of the International Student Sexual Health Network.


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